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Seeking to make Tokyo a safer place where people feel more secure

Future Tokyo,
where you are connected
with your loved ones.

"Future Tokyo," connecting people and the city with digital technology.
A society, in which your loved ones are safe and healthy, where you feel together, however far apart you may be.
A society that is kind and smart to its people.
Let us take a peek into a typical day of a typical family just slightly further into the future.


"Smart Tokyo" utilizes the power of digital technology to create a future vision of Tokyo.
Here we will introduce the areas in which the Tokyo Metropolitan Government will take the lead in bringing the Smart Tokyo initiative to reality.
Information and advanced technology will make life in the city more convenient, more comfortable, and more connected.


Tokyo Metropolitan Government will hold “SMARTCITY × TOKYO” for the purpose of increasing interest in smart cities among diverse people. We will disseminate the latest information related to smart cities, such as projects lead by local governments, cutting-edge private companies in Tokyo and Tokyo Metropolitan government. (This event will be held only in Japanese)

There are many initiatives for smart cities in Tokyo and other areas. These initiatives are also promoted by various actors from industry, government, academia, and citizens. We would like to hold “SMARTCITY × TOKYO” as a place in Tokyo where the present and future of smart cities intersect; various actors in smart cities meet, exchange information, and interact each other beyond the boundaries of regions and positions.



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